Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thunderbolts of the Gods Full Documentry

God is the body. I was predicting this sort of "debate" of mind over matter/Big Bang gravitational Black Hole of Dark Energy.

"Theism predicts a mind independent of the body" ... 8/ that's Lord they mean, which represents the mind, good Lord is conscious mind which is part of the body, evil dark Lord is demon takes control of the body and abuses it. Spirit is the space, soul is the emotional feeling of time. Jesus, no wonder it's so confusing! That is why i tried to simplify it:

"Sorry Bill Nye, This Is The Science Vs. Religion Debate We Need"


The Metaphysics of the One Page Bible:




Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Pink Slime - 70% of America's Beef is T...

Breaking: Archbishop’s Damning Testimony On Child Sex Abuse Released (Video, Transcript)

Breaking: Archbishop’s Damning Testimony On Child Sex Abuse Released (Video, Transcript)

and this is their priests for moral compass. blind leading blind off the spiritual cliff. the Hell will see them soon enough... muahaha 3:)

"As you read this article about Archbishop John Nienstedt of Minneapolis and his shameful refusal to take responsibility for sexual abusers under his authority, keep in mind that not a single American bishop or archbishop has been convicted and imprisoned for the decades long cover up of sexual abuse by priests. Not a single one."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunshine List's $100Gs threshold too high

"More than 20% of the national workforce is government, says StatsCan. In other words, for every four of us, there is a civil servant. It would be simpler to assign one directly to you and three friends, to serve your every need like a butler."