Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Proof of a Flat Earth: Distance to the Sun? Shorter Version

This cute, cool girl has calculated the distance between the Earth and the Sun using simple trigonometry of the equilateral triangle, with sixty degree angles, and it is exactly 4134,604 miles or 6,654 km, using Macapa, Brazil and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea as reference points.

With the dome measuring about 73 miles above the USA and perhaps higher around the North Pole area, maybe even as high as 450 miles up, speculating here, the shape of the dome/shield structure can possibly be shaped like a bell, with the edges closer to Antarctica being the lowest points, hence that's why all air traffic is routed North of the equator, with the length of the equator being 25,000 miles, the total diameter of the flat plane of 30,000 miles, and the outer perimeter around the Antarctic ice wall measuring roughly 70,000 miles.

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