Wednesday, August 17, 2016

ERIC DUBAY - CIA AGENT EXPOSED !! Eric's Biography (from La verdad absol...

my response to Eric Dubay's of the Flat Earth movement anti-Jews rant:

Jews were hijacked by the evil as much as any other religion or ism, evil knows no borders and ethnic preferences. it is absurd to suggest that family, ethnic, or religious preferences would come ahead of if one is good or evil, either benevolent or malevolent, positive contribution or a negative burden. people are enslaved by their own hatred and ignorance. i care not if one is of my own blood or tribe if they are my enemy or out right evil. Kin sake is not where i draw my allegiance. Trust in good judgement, ethics, and values is by far more rewarding than any family, religious, or ideological bond. As for the Jews, they are the victims here as the Arabs, Christians, Capitalists, Communists, and what not, pretty much every one else. I understand that there are evil people who happened to be Jewish but their Jewishness has nothing to do with them being evil and what unites them with other evil elites is not being Jewish, or Muslim, or Christian, but simply being evil greedy spiritually dead dark demonic forces, who divide and conquer by accusing the victims of being the villains. Careful there with the racist rants, I am a cohen gadol, a Jewish High Priest, The Last High Priest Of The Universe myself, and I advocate for the flat earth and truth. No need to insult me and my culture for no reason. Have a fucking bone to pick with the Rothschild, then say so, don't hide your hatred for them behind your cowardly attacks on ALL JEWS. Go fuck yourself big mouth psychopath. The flat earth you know well, and that's about it. Now learn some fucking decency and simple fucking logic spiritual Jew-hating retard. ...oh and shove that flat earth with your entourage up your racist dumb ass. mene mene.

i am a Jewish high priest artist on welfare and they are accusing me, as a Jew, of enslaving and controlling the world through some sort of "JEW CONSPIRACY" as though i can stomach every Jew i meet myself, yet, we, the Jews, supposedly force ourselves to overcome all that mutual disagreements, would it be good or evil, innocent or criminal, seek each other out and secretly gather in the graveyards and synagogues to scheme out the Jewish taking over the world, when everyone will be wearing a kippah!!! WHAHAHAHAHA.... now, that sort of thinking *IS* fucking retarded beyond belief, i don't know what else to say about that mindless dribble. First on, if I was in charge, everyone would have had their Universal Guaranteed Minimum Income and Human Rights. They wish I was in charge. enough said.

ERIC DUBAY - CIA AGENT EXPOSED !! Eric's Biography (from La verdad absoluta channel)