Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jesus Crist was a Pharaoh! (YouTube)

Jesus was son of the pharaoh Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, named Caesarion, later, around the age 13, he has changed his name to Issu, which in Egyptian means son of Isis, the virgin goddess Isis, which was the epithet of Cleopatra, hence the young Caesarion became son of the virgin goddess Isis and after Roman senate proclaimed his father Julius Caesor a god the little Jesus became also the son of god, as well, his mother Cleopatra made young Caesarion co-ruler and gave him a title the king of kings. Jesus later married his half-sister Selene, who has changed her name to Magdalene, migdol in Egyptian means elevated or fortified. Both set to reclaim the lost throne of the Roman empire stolen from them by Caesor's adapted son Octavian, after the assassination of their father god Julius Caesor, notice that both are JC for short.

Jesus, after spending some time in India learning compassion and healing of Buddhism, and traveling to Cornwall, England, where he was trading tin with his rich uncle Joseph of Judea (Joseph of Arimathea in the Bible), planted seeds of his future conversion of the Roman empire into the Holy Roman empire. The wedding described in the Bible, where Jesus reportedly was turning water into wine, was his wedding, when Jesus married his half-sister Mary Magdalene. Mary in Egyptian means beloved. The statue of liberty is the statue of Mary Magdalene, aka Selene, and she looks pregnant from underneath her gown, implying that Jesus and Mary had kids. The modern day royal families of England, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, and virtually all prominent families of today trace their lineage from the Merovingian dynasty, who are the Hebrew descendants of Caesarion and Mary Magdalene - the heirs of the six Egyptian Hyksos kings, the VI KINGS or vikings, were founded by the patriarch Abram who's Egyptian name was actually Amunemhet I - the pharaoh of Egypt.

The God being worshiped then and now is the hidden God - AMN or AMUN or AMON or OMON (sol-omon), or AMEN, hence test-amen-t and amen at the end of all prayers in the Christian, Jewish, or Islam religions. Amun is the hidden God who is both: Osiris - blue god of the underworld and judge of the souls, and Seth - god of night, deserts, and royalty. When the Ogdoad frog-headed gods and snake-headed goddesses of the primordial forces of abyss, darkness, infinity, and hidden have decided to create the first light, it was Amun, the hidden god, who transformed himself into a serpent and bit his tail creating a self-contained vortex of energy causing electromagnetic field out of which centre a lotus flower rose up unveiling the first light as the god Atum - the Creator of the Universe.

The idea basically is - dc in the centre and ac around it in a ring.

Well now, the end is near, and as it was promised by the ancient Egyptian priests, at the very end the great God Atum will turn into a giant serpent and will consume the whole universe - only Osiris and Atum will be left around and the Ogdoad gods and goddesses will naturally remain as well, where Amun and his snake-headed consort Amunaet dwell.

Alexander Braun

Idiosyntactix Strategiic Arts & Sciences Alliance

The Last High Priest Of The Universe

The Ring of Power - commentary (YouTube)

Great work, very well researched, and makes hell of a lot of sense. It's only missing the demonic possessions, the aliens, such as shape-shifting raptilians... which brings a point; the first dynasty of egypt, if can recall correctly, was started by the scorpion king and the dragon queen. at some point there was a power grab by a competing family and the original dragons and scorpions were ousted and forced to flee. they did not forget this and after securing military support from the asiatic tribes, the dragons and scorpions have returned as the six Hyksos kings and installed their rule once again, hence the dragon/scorpion symbolism, btw the Goddess Isis is friends with the scorpions.

In any case, it's a bit too late to try and get some dumb fat ass into action against the upcoming anticrist, his legions, and the appocalipse. what the hell are they going to do?!, bore satan to death? buy WHAT gold with WHAT? Rothschilds already control most of the world's gold and precious metals. The bankers print money out of thin air, no local currency will help as long as it is exchangeable or based on the value of the bank notes. the barter may work but its a bit too late for it as well, plus most people have nothing to barter with. And as far as the growing of your own food, as though you have the land to do it on, and even then, how much can you actually grow? most cities have food for three days after that full cheos and cannibaalism.

I have lived in Moscow, Rome, Paris, London, NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Frankford, Marburg, Manitoulin Island, the country, its sucks everywhere, especially in the country where there are no bloody pizza trees, nor spaghetti orchards. life is hard in the rural and days are long full of labour and you can't get sick there either. Did I mention the earthquakes and weather crisis all over the planet? Aliens arriving and wild animals? How about junkies in need of their fix? Most of the religious clout warship consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously the devil all their life ignoring the etherial body of their own, the God of hosts with its centre everywhere and the circumference nowhere has been given away, stolen, sold, got rid off - in exchange for peace of mind and no need to deal with bothersome decision making. What God? I never knew you. Hail Satan - your only master now.

Your soul has been probably bought and sold many times over by countless demons (deamon means intelligent being), since many have given authority to some company, some friends, or some government, or some religious institution, or some teachers, or some doctors of death cult... WHAT CENTRE EVERYWHERE?? Since when!? There is only one centre now and it is The New World ODOR! that we all have hellped to bring about. Congratulations. Do you think that I don't know human nature and desires? I have been here witnessing human nature - it is not worth to fight for in many cases and the good souls pray to die and rest in peace - because this world is beyond than what any soul can bare. thus we are now surrounded by demonic humanoid aliens with no soul, no compassion, no empathy, no human feelings whatsoever.

I have lived on the streets and in huge mentions, I have met with the Queen, with the Rothschilds, and with the working poor, I have been here for a long time and it is not a surprise to me that this got to become as was many prophecies foretold. I know. You are the high priest in your own right, so build your temple (body/mind/spirit/soul) to receive the holy spirit of the God that you have created for yourselves. Since you already know everything there is no need to listen anymore because many can't even learn or hear nor understand whats going on without being manipulated into a slaves/victims or a raging control psychopaths.

If the countries and people could get along they would have long ago, the truth is the one world government and satanic rule was written into the human destiny from day one after the loss of its innocence. Thus, very few will make a full circle only to be back at the garden of eden sometime in the near future completely clueless of the dangers lurking out about and around, a sort of a ground hog day except it loops into millenniums. The God was and is, all this time, within your centre, where ever that centre is for you. No need to blame the Satana, he is only doing God's dirty jobs. As for prince William being an anticrist, perhaps as an actor in a play, however the spirits of this scale can possess many not only one, hence the name - Legions.

Alexander Braun

Idiosyntactix Strategiic Arts & Sciences Alliance

The Last High Priest Of The Universe

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

Garrett Lisi predicts 20 new particles using mathematical models describing
so-called E8 object, discovered by Wilhelm Killing and proved by √Člie Cartan.

E8 has rank 8 and dimension 248 (as a manifold). The vectors of the root system are in eight dimensions and are specified later in this article. The Weyl group of E8, which acts as a symmetry group of the maximal torus by means of the conjugation operation from the whole group, is of order 696729600.

E8 is unique among simple Lie groups in that its non-trivial representation of smallest dimension is the adjoint representation (of dimension 248) acting on the Lie algebra E8 itself.

There is a Lie algebra En for every integer n≥3, which is infinite dimensional if n is greater than 8.

Must See!!! It's the real all or nothing deal in physics since the bing bang theory! ;)