Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jesus Crist was a Pharaoh! (YouTube)

Jesus was son of the pharaoh Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, named Caesarion, later, around the age 13, he has changed his name to Issu, which in Egyptian means son of Isis, the virgin goddess Isis, which was the epithet of Cleopatra, hence the young Caesarion became son of the virgin goddess Isis and after Roman senate proclaimed his father Julius Caesor a god the little Jesus became also the son of god, as well, his mother Cleopatra made young Caesarion co-ruler and gave him a title the king of kings. Jesus later married his half-sister Selene, who has changed her name to Magdalene, migdol in Egyptian means elevated or fortified. Both set to reclaim the lost throne of the Roman empire stolen from them by Caesor's adapted son Octavian, after the assassination of their father god Julius Caesor, notice that both are JC for short.

Jesus, after spending some time in India learning compassion and healing of Buddhism, and traveling to Cornwall, England, where he was trading tin with his rich uncle Joseph of Judea (Joseph of Arimathea in the Bible), planted seeds of his future conversion of the Roman empire into the Holy Roman empire. The wedding described in the Bible, where Jesus reportedly was turning water into wine, was his wedding, when Jesus married his half-sister Mary Magdalene. Mary in Egyptian means beloved. The statue of liberty is the statue of Mary Magdalene, aka Selene, and she looks pregnant from underneath her gown, implying that Jesus and Mary had kids. The modern day royal families of England, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, and virtually all prominent families of today trace their lineage from the Merovingian dynasty, who are the Hebrew descendants of Caesarion and Mary Magdalene - the heirs of the six Egyptian Hyksos kings, the VI KINGS or vikings, were founded by the patriarch Abram who's Egyptian name was actually Amunemhet I - the pharaoh of Egypt.

The God being worshiped then and now is the hidden God - AMN or AMUN or AMON or OMON (sol-omon), or AMEN, hence test-amen-t and amen at the end of all prayers in the Christian, Jewish, or Islam religions. Amun is the hidden God who is both: Osiris - blue god of the underworld and judge of the souls, and Seth - god of night, deserts, and royalty. When the Ogdoad frog-headed gods and snake-headed goddesses of the primordial forces of abyss, darkness, infinity, and hidden have decided to create the first light, it was Amun, the hidden god, who transformed himself into a serpent and bit his tail creating a self-contained vortex of energy causing electromagnetic field out of which centre a lotus flower rose up unveiling the first light as the god Atum - the Creator of the Universe.

The idea basically is - dc in the centre and ac around it in a ring.

Well now, the end is near, and as it was promised by the ancient Egyptian priests, at the very end the great God Atum will turn into a giant serpent and will consume the whole universe - only Osiris and Atum will be left around and the Ogdoad gods and goddesses will naturally remain as well, where Amun and his snake-headed consort Amunaet dwell.

Alexander Braun

Idiosyntactix Strategiic Arts & Sciences Alliance

The Last High Priest Of The Universe

The Ring of Power - commentary (YouTube)

Great work, very well researched, and makes hell of a lot of sense. It's only missing the demonic possessions, the aliens, such as shape-shifting raptilians... which brings a point; the first dynasty of egypt, if can recall correctly, was started by the scorpion king and the dragon queen. at some point there was a power grab by a competing family and the original dragons and scorpions were ousted and forced to flee. they did not forget this and after securing military support from the asiatic tribes, the dragons and scorpions have returned as the six Hyksos kings and installed their rule once again, hence the dragon/scorpion symbolism, btw the Goddess Isis is friends with the scorpions.

In any case, it's a bit too late to try and get some dumb fat ass into action against the upcoming anticrist, his legions, and the appocalipse. what the hell are they going to do?!, bore satan to death? buy WHAT gold with WHAT? Rothschilds already control most of the world's gold and precious metals. The bankers print money out of thin air, no local currency will help as long as it is exchangeable or based on the value of the bank notes. the barter may work but its a bit too late for it as well, plus most people have nothing to barter with. And as far as the growing of your own food, as though you have the land to do it on, and even then, how much can you actually grow? most cities have food for three days after that full cheos and cannibaalism.

I have lived in Moscow, Rome, Paris, London, NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Frankford, Marburg, Manitoulin Island, the country, its sucks everywhere, especially in the country where there are no bloody pizza trees, nor spaghetti orchards. life is hard in the rural and days are long full of labour and you can't get sick there either. Did I mention the earthquakes and weather crisis all over the planet? Aliens arriving and wild animals? How about junkies in need of their fix? Most of the religious clout warship consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously the devil all their life ignoring the etherial body of their own, the God of hosts with its centre everywhere and the circumference nowhere has been given away, stolen, sold, got rid off - in exchange for peace of mind and no need to deal with bothersome decision making. What God? I never knew you. Hail Satan - your only master now.

Your soul has been probably bought and sold many times over by countless demons (deamon means intelligent being), since many have given authority to some company, some friends, or some government, or some religious institution, or some teachers, or some doctors of death cult... WHAT CENTRE EVERYWHERE?? Since when!? There is only one centre now and it is The New World ODOR! that we all have hellped to bring about. Congratulations. Do you think that I don't know human nature and desires? I have been here witnessing human nature - it is not worth to fight for in many cases and the good souls pray to die and rest in peace - because this world is beyond than what any soul can bare. thus we are now surrounded by demonic humanoid aliens with no soul, no compassion, no empathy, no human feelings whatsoever.

I have lived on the streets and in huge mentions, I have met with the Queen, with the Rothschilds, and with the working poor, I have been here for a long time and it is not a surprise to me that this got to become as was many prophecies foretold. I know. You are the high priest in your own right, so build your temple (body/mind/spirit/soul) to receive the holy spirit of the God that you have created for yourselves. Since you already know everything there is no need to listen anymore because many can't even learn or hear nor understand whats going on without being manipulated into a slaves/victims or a raging control psychopaths.

If the countries and people could get along they would have long ago, the truth is the one world government and satanic rule was written into the human destiny from day one after the loss of its innocence. Thus, very few will make a full circle only to be back at the garden of eden sometime in the near future completely clueless of the dangers lurking out about and around, a sort of a ground hog day except it loops into millenniums. The God was and is, all this time, within your centre, where ever that centre is for you. No need to blame the Satana, he is only doing God's dirty jobs. As for prince William being an anticrist, perhaps as an actor in a play, however the spirits of this scale can possess many not only one, hence the name - Legions.

Alexander Braun

Idiosyntactix Strategiic Arts & Sciences Alliance

The Last High Priest Of The Universe

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

Garrett Lisi predicts 20 new particles using mathematical models describing
so-called E8 object, discovered by Wilhelm Killing and proved by √Člie Cartan.

E8 has rank 8 and dimension 248 (as a manifold). The vectors of the root system are in eight dimensions and are specified later in this article. The Weyl group of E8, which acts as a symmetry group of the maximal torus by means of the conjugation operation from the whole group, is of order 696729600.

E8 is unique among simple Lie groups in that its non-trivial representation of smallest dimension is the adjoint representation (of dimension 248) acting on the Lie algebra E8 itself.

There is a Lie algebra En for every integer n≥3, which is infinite dimensional if n is greater than 8.

Must See!!! It's the real all or nothing deal in physics since the bing bang theory! ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Never Could

A woman gray, snagged and gnarly,
Stole my soul as I walked in the wood,
I pulled to release my essence,
In the end I never could.

By John Greco October 26, 2008

Dedicated to Alexander Braun

Thursday, October 23, 2008


By Dmytri Kleiner (Idiosyntactix)

The US election is dominating the press and airwaves worldwide, but what is
the real relevance of this spectacle?

Neither McCain nor Obama nor Palin nor Biden will have any more control of
America Inc than the Revlon Spokesmodel has over Revlon Inc, or the
Playmate of the Month has over Playboy Inc, or Ronald McDonald has
over McDonald's Inc.

The candidates are competing for the job of representing government policy
to the public, not the job of deciding it. The job of deciding policy is
not an elected position, but rather is a ruthless, cut-throat, back alley,
no-holds-barred cage match of raw power. Any candidate who is not already
vetted as being willing and able, nay, eager, to serve the powerful never
raises above school trustee, if they make it that far.

The candidates are selling themselves to the power elite, what they are
selling is an ability to gain compliance from the American people. What
they will gain compliance for, exactly, is not up to them, but rather
decided by full-contact conflicts among the rivalrous, and internationally
involved, power elite. And whatever campaign platforms they take or
promises they make in selling themselves, including policy promises, are
not binding, but rather a screen-test of their ability to represent a
certain policy, and a market research project to help the elite understand
exactly what sort of masses they need compliance from.

The candidates are competing for the job of legitimizing the interests of
the elite, not for representing the people. A head of state is no more
chosen by the people than a Pope or a King is chosen by god, the public
spectacle of the choice is only needed as a means of creating legitimacy.
Each time a new leader is chosen, the crimes and failings of the nation's
elite are washed away. No matter how much legitimacy was squandered during
the last administration, a brand new celebrity spokesmodel is an
absolution, the very act of the previous administration's end of term
is celebrated as a victory for it's victims and discontents. The Holly King
kills the Oak King, yet the two are one and the same.

The individual presidential candidates and their parties fight just as
bitterly for the job as the mothers of juvenile beauty queens fight for
their daughter's crown, but that the job is quite important to those that
seek it should not lead anyone to conclude that it makes a difference to
anybody not involved in the contest.

Democracy is like going to a restaurant with only one thing on the menu and
being given the choice of which waiter of the two waiters on staff serves it.

copyfarleft 2008 telekommunisten. reproduce at will, with or without
attribution. independent or collective commercial usage encouraged.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dmytri Kleiner

The housing bubble caused housing prices to rise by making money cheap.

The boom in demand for housing attracted developers who wanted to cash in
on high housing prices and the heavily government subsidized system of
highways and big box retailers that is the life-support system of ever
more remote satellite suburbs.

The increase in housing prices is the byproduct of money created by the
banking system and government subsidized development, neither the banks nor
the government have the economic basis to continue for ever. Driving up
location rents by increasing money supply and subsidizing irresponsible
development has no end-benefit, like any pyramid scheme, money just flows
up the chain, or up the "property ladder," until no more suckers can be
found to build up the downline. In the end, prices must fall. Deflation
is inevitable. There can be no bailout, a pyramid scheme can not be
rescued, not even if public funds are used to add one more, one final,
level to the pyramid. Of course, a new publicly funded level, thereby
forcibly roping-in the many who did not choose to get in on the Ponzi
scheme in the first place.

In every somber corner, from parliament to board room to coffee shop, the
debate over a false dilemma rages on. Bail out the home owners not the
lenders! First of all: AS IF! As if, a political class dripping wet with
financial industry campaign contributions will really be interested in
doing anything but soaking the small mortgage-holders further. This crisis,
like any financial crisis is an opportunity for wealth to concentrate even
more, and those who are in favorable political and economic proximities
will happily take any public funds they can get to reduce the costs of all
the juicy acquisitions while leaving the public holding assets no willing
buyer would buy at any price.

Even so, bailout the Home owners? I'm sorry, it may be pointless to
reject something that is never going to happen in any case, but fuck that
too. How many people lack adequate housing or pay an unreasonable portion
of their income for housing? If we're throwing trillions around, shouldn't
that be the fundamental issue? In the same way that the farm subsidy lobby
uses the myth of the independent rustic farmer to justify subsidies of
massive corporate conglomerates, no doubt the hard working family
will be used as the poster child for the "bailout" lobby. In truth, many of
the "Home owners" are as driven by greed and delusions of the "property
ladder" as the lenders, why should they be rewarded over renters and
residents of co-operative and public housing? There is a lot of
profit-motive speculation in the housing market among "home owners" and
this is just as much money-for-nothing greed as that which motivates the
money lenders. Private home ownership in ever-expanding satellite suburbs
is neither socially, economically nor environmentally desirable and has
been far over-subsidized already.

Bailout people with sustainable housing in livable communities
with effective social benefits. Create a society where people do not
require life-long wage-slavery to pay life-long debt for the privilege of
having a place to live.

Copyfarleft 2008 Telekommunisten. Reproduce at will, with or without
attribution. Independent or collective commercial usage encouraged.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Universe Name is up and running again, world's first http universe, meaning you only need a web browser to access it. There is only Milky Way, Andromeda, and Sombrero galaxies available, the MW has the Earth and the Moon, both have a single panoramic shot, the Earth of the Queen Street West in Toronto, the Moon of the Apollo 11 photos. I am making some new environments of the Manitoulin island. Enjoy.

Friday, March 28, 2008


(excerpt from a dialog)

Great. How about a global fundraiser to get me the hell out of pverty. I`ve been walking and cycling most of my life and lived on the streets of Toronto for over three months while my art was exhibited in the Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art, my second show there, and while doing my second year as a host on ckln 88.1 fm college radio.

You want to do something useful?

How about ending vaccinating and cripling children? All vaccines are fraud - not a single one is good for you.

What about condorcet method voting and ranking candidates along with the proportional representation voting reform, because the current system fails according to all known rules of math, reason, and what is fare.

Oh ya, how about starting to inforce mandatory compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - United Nations charter, especially with the article 25:

Article 25.

(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

(2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

What about implementing the Guaranteed Minimum Income reform, recomended by Milton Friedman and many other great economists of our time, in order to end all extreme poverty in the world where even in the so-called "developed" nations of the so-called "first" world, where still many people freeze to death on the streets every winter or starve in misery.

How about ending addition of fluoride in our drinkuing water which is an alluminum industry byproduct and has detramental effects on health, teeth, especially for the kids. "Fluorosis is poisoning by fluorides" --Websters Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary. "Dental fluorosis is one result of too much fluoride. It is impossible to control the amount of water people drink; therefore, it is impossible to control how much fluoride adults, children, and infants consume. In addition, many beverages, baby foods, cereals, and juices, processed with fluoridated water, already contain unsafe levels of fluoride far above the amount suggested for our water."

And while I am on this topic of teeth, disaster of bioengineering (that's a whole different rant), here is a useful tip that your dentist will not tell you: if you have an abscess tooth or for that matter any infection in your body, that means you have a virus, i.e.: "an ultramicroscopic (20 to 300 nm in diameter), metabolically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts, mainly bacteria, plants, and animals: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope." Random House Unabridged Dictionary. To kill this virus DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD THAT THE VIRUS LIKES: EGGS!, SUGAR!, DAIRY, MEAT, SHELL FISH. Also try to limit consumtion of ALL oils since you want to clear the blockage of the blood capillaries which excerts the pressure on the nerves. Eat mainly vegan diet for about a month, unles you are A+ blood type, like myself, then I would advise not to eat beast and fowl since we don't have the enzymes (any of numerous proteins or conjugated proteins produced by living organisms and functioning as biochemical catalysts - to digest meat, except fish - I seams to be able to eat it whithout any problems. If you want to cure diabetes becoming vegan for a whiloe can help a lot. If you have skin infection or cut wounds - you can use aloe vera or greater plantain or pure honey, also eat garlic, they are untibacterial, salt water will suck out all the infection, in case of toes or fingers, or gargling salt water will ease pain for a while to give you enough time to heal or get pain killer drugs such as blood thinning ibuprofen. Massage the effected are to stimulate the blood flow.

Do yourself a fave and get a silver spoon, since it is easier on teeth. The silver also has untibacterial properties, where silver is present bacteria can't multiply. I put a silver ring into my drinking water jar and it can stay fresh and pure as long as it takes me to drink it. Keep it cold if you can. It's an old "holy water" church trick with the silver cross inside the pool of water made it stay fresh all the time. If the water has no silver in it - it will go bad very soon, specially at worm temperatures, in the fridge it will take a bit longer.

Cosmetics and hygiene general rule: if you can't eat it - don't put it on your skin. Try not to feed your skin chemicals, we absorb through the skin as well as through the mouth, skin being the biggest organ in human body.

Oh ya, while at it, you may as well focus to stop GMO in our food supply which mostly end up in the food banks and supermarkets of the working poor, the middle class, and the rich too nowadays are effected because their holy grail of schooled academia are SO "smart" that they have fooled everyone even themselves.

How about free speech idea and the Bill 10 that was sneaked into the legislature by a mad church man, who finds everything offensive except his own grotesque face and religious mindless meanderings, will make government now decide what movies should be made or not by our, Canadian, artists.

Oh ya, can`t forget the copyright pile of crap and how it claims everything to be private and for sale, even your own dna now being copyrighted by some moron somewhere. Copyright advocates also claim that it is done to "protect" artist (from their art), to "help" artists (to stay poor that is), however those artist who were duped into copyright forest mainly get lost in the fine print, screwed out of royalties, and loose rights to their artwork by a hat trick of ever clever big money lawyers representing big business, publishing houses and labels, even though all expressions, like it or not, are obviously both original and derrivitive and rightfully belong in the public domain.

And then there is patent office out of control issuing patents for everything without even looking into the claims, approving even five year olds claim for a sideway swinging.

Not enough yet? How about give people the right to die and make euthanasia clinics available for the folks who have had enough of this "all too good" life and want to get the hell out of here and rest in peace... (why? well, you don`t want to know clear eyes.) the Swiss are doing it even for the foreigners, so if you don`t want your government to end the misery, mind you we do it to a horse, at least let them or their government/sponsor buy a one way ticket with paid euthanasia bill, it will save the health care money and enable the dignified death for people who want to die, either because they are terminally ill or living in pain, mental or physical, as though there is not enough people and suffering in the world. There is no shortage.

Oh ya, phony HIV/AIDS anyone? The AIDS drugs causing the bloody desease of immune deficiency - not curing - and making billions of profit for the death industrys` big pharma companies, and that is why the AIDS vaccine is a compund of seven or so manufacturers so that no class action law suit was possible against a specific company, and Yes, it is very useful tool for demographic control.

Ending all vaccination is a good idea. A little history. In England during the late 1700s, when there was neither electricity, hence no fridges, no microscopes nor knowledege of basic elements, there lived a mad man alchemist named Edward Jenner who became the mather-father founder of vaccinology (yes, the entire field of medicine is an out right criminal fraud), and in proccess has sacrificed his only two young sons for his mad "science" experiments trying to find cure from smallpox. He managed to convince the king that it was good idea to vaccinate everyone and, as a result of it, started a smallpox pendemic in England, which spread fast accross Europe. The king called the Royal Academy Of Science of England and asked them to investigate the matter, which they did concluding leter that the preventative magic of the smallpox vaccine claims made my Mr. Jenner are not based on any science and declared Sir Edward Jenner to be a charlatan.)

Immunise yourself against the propaganda of phony deseases, such as the Avian Flu (code name for the idustrial polution aka the Swine Flu), West Nile Virus, SARS - remmember that one Toronto, to name a few.

And then there is economy, however fraud it is and fake, still you can ask for M0, M1, M2, M3 economic stats of the overall available money supply in this phony boloni economy build like a house of cards pyramid sceeme...

Borders? What borders? Borders are for the poor. The rich know no borders, they are citizens of the world with multiple citizenships and with businesses and affairs all over the globe.

How about gun rights since the government has them, mafia has them, street criminals have them, the only people who don`t have them, and thus the ability to defend themselves equally, are the decent law abiding folks..., who`s dead bodies are frequently found by the officials... and on occasion there is a 911 call of desperate cry for help... however when it arrives it is usually too often too little too late for the victim. ya, that`s a pandoras` box... What about the capital punishment for repeat offenders? Ah, that`s another taboo; life is so sacred no matter how disturbing it is.

How about decriminalizing prostitution? Without sex workers many families will shudder to pieces and many people will be left sexually frastrated not being able to get laid otherwise, increasing number of rape crime as a result. This is the oldest hipocricy in the world driven by the religious fanatics and mind manipulators, who usually suppress their sex drive, mostly unsuccessfully, and many of whom have been caught to be sexual perverts because of their lack of healthy sex life. I am talking about professional prostitutes, people who's call in life to be one, like the SPOC group in Canada, unlike some unfortunate souls who endup on the streets as desperate ten dollar "crack-whores" because of their addictions - they are not real prostitutes but a cheep imitation.

Speaking of drugs. Then what about decriminalizing all drugs? Surley it is a good idea? But no... that will free all the inocent pot smokers and take too much out of usful twenty cents an hour prison industrial complex, significantly denting profits/population control of the not so secret services and the governments - both being the biggest mafia and drag dealers.

Here is another good one, ending all religeous and corporate brainwashing in public schools and their use of public funds for private interests. Another pandoras' box.
(I will soon include list of some philosophers and good luck trying to find their books, many are still censored and simply not known to the general public.)

Global Warming propaganda is another way to tax the developing nations using their natural resources, the tax which they can`t afford to pay, and make people feel guilty for using a light bulb while the decadent fat is floating non shalant above in the private jets... lauphing their guts out. But seriously, by how much did it actually wormed the earth recently? No one knows. The American Historical Climatology Network released a pr announcing that its Central Park annual temerature figures are higher... only later to be caught liying and accuised of baking the stats in their wishfull ovens. (5 July 2007, Steve McIntyre.) The Glaciers are melting, THE GLACIERS ARE MELTING!!! Stop breathing! So, 8| they always melt somewhere and grow somewhere else, the glaciers are not frozen in time... Oh, then the ocean levels are rising? Well, not really. The ocean levels are actually dropping according to many ancient water level marks... just ask googe... google knows. :) Yes, yes, the censorship... I forgot all about it. There is propaganda needs to be delivered and fed to the masses. Hip Hip Hooray!

Happy Trails.

Alexander Braun
Minister of Foundation, Propaganda, and Membership
Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts & Sciences Alliance
- The Brand Name Of The Media Revolution

The Last Hight Priest Of The Universe


Thursday, March 27, 2008

E`TAT D`URGENCE - Art by Alexander Braun

Buddha - acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

Puppets by Alexander Braun

I painted this puppets for the St James United Church puppet ministry
Montreal, 2008 (I am artist - I am not Cristian or religious of any kind.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

A Monetary History Of The Economic Diluvian

Past Lessons - Information Is Power

Milton Friedman, right-wing think-tank and one of the greatest economists of our time, expressed his views on lessons of the Great Depression:

"... the lesson that the public at large learned from the Great Depression was that it was the result of a failure of business, a failure of capitalism,... and that in order to be safe in the future they would have to rely much more heavily on government. That was the lesson that was in fact learned from the Depression.... [I]n my opinion, the lesson that should have been learned, the right lesson, was that government let them down.
That it was mismanagement of the monetary system that produced it and not a failure of the market system."*1

*1 In Randall E. Parker (ed.), Reflections on the Great Depression (Cheltenham, U.K.: Edward Elgar, 2002), 50-51.

"Friedman says, "If the Federal Reserve System in 1929 to 1933 had been publishing statistics on the quantity of money, I don`t believe that the Great Depression could have taken the course it did."*2 Information is power."*3

*2 Milton Friedman and Walter W. Heller, Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: A Dialogue, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (1969), pp. 79-80.
*3 Milton Friedman - A Biography by Lanny Ebenstein p.117.

"the [Great] Depression was primarily the result of inappropriate monetary policy that allowed the money supply to contract." *4

*4 Milton Friedman, author (with Anna Schwartz) of A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960 (800 page volume published in 1963), as quoted in Chapter 13, Milton Friedman - A Biography by Lanny Ebenstein p.113.

" "Full employment" and "economic growth" have in the past few decades become primary excuses for widening the extent of government intervention in economic affairs. A private free-enterprise economy, it is said, is inherently unstable. Left to itself, it will produce recurrent cycles of boom and bust.*5 The government must therefore step in to keep things on an even keel. These arguments... were a major element giving rise to the New Deal... The Great Depression..., far from being a sign of the inherent instability of the private enterprise system, is a testament to how much harm can be done by mistakes on the part of a few men when they wield vast power over the monetary system."*6

*5 - In my opinion, these are the correct side-effects of a private free-eterprise economy left to itself, to explore this view in more detail please read: , however Milton Friedman makes correct conclusions about the fatality of centralised control of the monetary system, by the likes of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is neither Federal (it is private) nor does it has any Reserves, not it is a Bank, or the government in its current form. One must note that the monetary system we have today was always in the private ownership and control.

*6 - Milton Friedman Capitalism and Freedom, 1962, 37, 50.

"ignorance about the power of monetary policy is that the Fed did not publish money supply figures until Friedman and Schwartz developed*7 M1 [currency plus demand deposits] and M2 [M1 plus time deposits] aggregates.*8

*7- in the book by Milton Friedman and Anna Jacobs Schwartz: A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960 (800 page volume published in 1963 for The National Bureau of Economic Research.)

*8 - Mark Skousen, Vienna and Chicago: Friends or Foes? (Washington, D.C.: Capital Press, 2005).

recommended reading:

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17 March 2008 06:35 PM EST - Montreal
Boy, I was so dead on about the below prediction of the economic perdition! The recession is here it seams to visit us for a while. I should have invested more in gold, and I would`ve if I could`ve. oh vell, c'est la vie.

18 Dec 2006 03:44 PM EST - Toronto
According to my intelligence reports the crucial finnancial information about the ammount of currency in circulation and being printed in the economy, known as M3 stats, is no longer being reported by the means of mass media as of about five months ago, making it very difficult to determine an accurate estimate on the state of the economy. In light of recentlly falling us dollar against euro by 30% and reports of high level US visit to China go nowhere and insider stocks rumored to trade at 60 to 1 ratio (that means 60 orders to sell and only 1 to buy), it is, thus, very possible that an economic crash of biblical proportions is looming over the world like an immanent extinction by a huge asteroid. Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Advertising and CD Design by Alexander Braun

This promo (1997) I designed for John Magyar of Psychospace Sound who is best recording engineer in the world and worked with many great and famous musicians.

I designed this partypix promo card for Billy Warhol, the other sides of both are somewhere in the archives are equally cool eye candy, and I also designed his (1996) website, which was the best looking website at a time on the internet.

My ad for the Ugly Ducklings show for the Exclaim!, Canadian national music magazine. I saw the show and made photographs.
I designed artwork for Hop Around cd by Dee Dee Ramone and this ad. Project by Jan Haust of OPM records with EMI Canada. (see below full cover version or google it).

I designed this ad for Garth Hudsons new cd. opm records promo.

My ad for the Exclaim! mag. promoting CJ Sleez new cd. I also designed the Rock Action cd artwork with CJ.

Below are several of my ads printed in Exclaim! magazine to promote Hop Around cd by Dee Dee Ramone, I designed the artwork for this cd which became his last solo album. Produced by Jan Haust of OPM records the ads feature other great old school punk classics.

My Exclaim! magazine ad for the Forgotten Rebels cd release and shows.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Web Design by Alexander Braun (1994-2001)

Corporate Experience:

Virtually Canadian/ Iceberg Media Inc.

Founding webmaster for:,,,,

Initial start-up building contract 1999/2001

I was the webmaster for this TSX company, Icebergmedia Inc., and a core member of the initial team that took Canada's first and largest major Internet radio broadcasting company from start-up to launch. I was in charge of building three 24/7 broadcast websites, and responsible for the $4 million a year operations of the web department with a dozen staff following my lead. Some of my duties included production of the templates, user interface design, server side architecture and data flow, presentation to the investors, live shows broadcast, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Younge St. etc., backup of all servers/work stations and coordination of the uploads from development to live servers, closly working with other departments, such as systems administrators, network engineers, show hosts/talent, finance, and company executives.

Examples Of Commercial & Community Projects:

Progress Icon Design For The Trick Media Software (2001)

Michael Norcia - NY Post, The AP Photographer Of The Year (1999)

ONet Networking Year 2000 Compliance Techincal Report (1999)

Punktown (1999)

Brian Stemmle's - Nagano Olympic Games - Men's Downhill (

ATIVA - High Fiber Products, Curitiba, State of Paran√°, Brazil (1998)

Elo Quest Translations (1998)

Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts & Sciences Alliance (1998) (1998)

The Death Of Media Collective (1998)

Security Library (1998)

Revina Entertainment (1998)

Luna 18 (1997)

Road (1997)

Operation Sackbutt (1997)

ISOLDA - A controversial essay on censorship by Dmytri Kleiner (1997)

Nummmb - Toronto rock band (1997)

Jet Radio-Video (1997)

Local Knowledge - Global Wisdom Festival (1997)

Plunderpalooza Festival (1997)

Toronto Free Community Network (1997)

Comfort Zone Night Club, Toronto (1997)

Earthroots Temagami Is Out Of Time Action (1996)
(To build this website I actually went to Temagami with the Earthroots crew and spent there one week participating in erecting a tripod and setting up a concrete blockade to stop the logging of the old oak growth.)

Parypix by Billy Warhol (1996)

Diana McIntosh - Winnipeg (1996)

M. Pyshnov - A Call For Expert Opinions (1996)

TransForum Media Gallery

IDIO-AUDIO Pirate Radio (1996)

Happyclown Inc. (1996)

Congo (1994)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

video of sasha at his art studio

Oh My Me!

Partypix by Billy Warhol.

Zero, Dima, and Sasha

John Zero (left), Dmytri Kleiner (centre), Alexander Braun (right).
Partypix by Billy Warhol.

Sasha and Yehudah

Idiosyntactix Minister of Foundation, Propaganda, and Membership Alexander Braun
and Minister of Vision Yehudah Lionel Cullman, my good old friend and collaborator.
Partypix by Billy Warhol.

Holy Trinity

Alexander Braun, late great Steve Banks from Trans Love Airways and Billy Warhol.

The Idiosyntactix Foundation (3/4)

Idiosyntactix Foundation Holy Trinity:
Dmytri Kleiner, Alexander Braun, and John Magyar
during idio-audi pirate radio fm broadcast from Idiosyntactix area 23, Toronto.
Partypix by Billy Warhol.

The IDIO-AUDIO Radio pirate broadcast

IDIO-AUDIO Radio pirate broadcast on fm dial
at the Idiosyntactix area 23, my home on Queen st., Toronto.
Here I am with good friend John Magyar of Psychospace Sound.

Sasha. - The Punk

I was the eighth generation to wear that jacket,
which I`ve inhereted from Dylan Studebaker.
My best friend Dmytri Kleiner is on the background.

Hail Me!


Alexander Braun and photo guru Billy Warhol
for whom I designed the Partypix website back in 1996

Fleurs Du Mal

Steven Leckie, a.k.a. "Nazi Dog" from The Viletones and Alexander Braun
at the Fleurs Du Mal Gallery, Toronto

Winter Cottage

gold, silver, bronze, and irridecent violet acrylics,
black and blue permanent markers,
gold and silver pens, brown cryon on canvas


my memories of the twilight farm in the green belt, Kleinberg, Ontario
with a corn-dionysius theme

Diana Moon Goddess

on display at the Montreal City Mission, 3rd floor Centre St James
acrylic and sparkle on canvas, triple piece

Tiles by Alexander Braun

Tiles by Alexander Braun: Pentagon, Heptagon, and Golden Triangle.

silk-screen acrylic on canvas

donated to the Old Brewery Mission, Montreal
(homeless shelter for men)

Tiles By Alexander Braun

Pentagon, Heptagon, and Golden Triangle Tiles

silk-screen acrylic on canvas

donated to the Old Brewery Mission, Montreal
(homeless shelter for men)

The Pentagon Tile Silk-Screen I

saffron, silk-screen acrylic on canvas

Heptagon Tile With OM Medalion

silk-screen acrylic on canvas

Good Old Death

cigarette ash, squeezed red grape, acrylic, phosphorus acrylic on canvas


acrylic on canvas

The Red Dragon

acrylic and phosphorus acrylic on canvas

St George And The Dragon

St George and The Dragon
acrylic, phosphorus acrylic on canvas

The Golden Shoe

pencil, purple - cabbage, red - beet, orange - carrot, yellow saffron, my blood* on paper.

* I used a little of my blood for the ball on top of the city hall and for my signature. I am happy with the resulted pallet, looks soft and very much like the watercolour.

This painting is my archetectural re-design/metaphore of the Toronto City Hall on the Nathan Philips Square. The five human figures give a sense of scale.

Artist Statement.


Being artist is a toxic endeavour. One time I was painting portrait of Dalai Lama using oil paints when my studio manager offered to me some olives, which I ate fast while looking at the painting. Soon however I realized that my hands were covered in the toxic oil paint... 8| so I had to clear my stomach to get rid of it...

It is also toxic on the environment to produce all the art supplies, plus if your pallet is frown out, or, for that matter, your painting if it sucks, this is also hazardous to the environment. not to mention that oil paints are very expensive and require well ventilated studio since it takes weeks for it to dry.

Well, right now I have neither oil paints nor studio, and being inspired to help the environment a bit - being an artist is, arguably, least environmentally friendly proffession but essential for the fuman wellbeing and the advancement of civilization - I`ve decided to experiment with what I could find in my fridge.

I have chopped some beets, carrots, purple cabbage, and boiled some soffron to get the colours: red, orange, purple/blue, and yellow respectivelly. I made two paintings using my new pallet and they turned out looking great! Here is a hint, to get the brightest pigment I would make a drop of colour on a watercolour paper and than dry it under my table light.

People who have seen it love my paintings and the idea, which is btw as old as hell. thanks. Happy trails.


Alexander Braun

Sunflowers With Purple Lilies

purple - cabbage, red - beet, orange - carrot, yellow - saffron on paper

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dmytri Kleiner and Alexander Braun

The Founding Fathers (2/4) of
The Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts & Sciences Alliance
- The Brand Name Of The Media Revolution

DJ Horus

taro design of the number one - the magician
pencil drawing, sold

"Red Chair" by Alexander Braun

oil on canvas, 2006
private collection

In this studio lived a very good toronto musician with his girfriend, who was renovating it to setup his dream music recording studio and it was in the same building where my art studio was at a time on king and parliament. so i happen to stop by one day, on a full moon, and was inspired by the intricate lace of shadows on the floor. i grabed a piece of canvas laying around and made a fast sketch using the green window-frame paint that was there, then i took it upstairs to my studio and finished it in oil. it is the fastest oil painting i`ve done! my hand was moving so fast that i couldn`t even see what paint i was mixing with my brash, something that i thought of while painting it... when i have finished, the painting turned out to be so beautiful that i realised that i managed to capture the very spirit of the space and i decided to give it to my friend as a present. a few days later he had lost his job and had to vacate his dream space, loosing all his invested efforts and money in its renovation. this painting became the only momento he could keep of the space where he has spent over fifteen years of his life.


The "Placebo" detail by Alexander Braun

A detail of my artwork on the huge canvas titled "Placebo" which I have helpped to paint with a group of artists organized and directed by Yehudah Lionel Cullman, who painted the majority of this 20+ feet glow-in-black-light extravaganza. Yehudah is a great and prolific Toronto artist and my friend/collaborator since the 1990s.
This photo by Billy Warhol shows one of the figures I have painted - a fire face with falling power lines on fire and the yin-yang. I`ve got lots of cool reviews about it at:

Dee Dee Ramones` "Hop Around" CD booklet design by Alexander Braun

Cover of the cd artwork, includes booklet, I designed for the late punk-rock legend Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones), which endup to be his last solo album. Produced by the old school central OPM records in 2000.

This is my claim to the Rock`n`Roll Hall of Fame. The album is great, featuring cool old school tunes by Dee Dee and Barbara Ramone, his wife.

Heptagon "Flying Dragon" Tile Zero

First silkscreen of the worlds` first Heptagon Tile on tee, 2006
the simple design of this elegant "flying dragon" heptagon tile was apparently nowhere to be found

Pentagon Tile Zero

First print of the Pentagon Tile on the Empire Of None tee, 31 December 2004
I have designed the Pentagon Tile on the 28th December 2004

Pentagon Tile III

flourecent and regular acrylic, oil on canvas, 2005