Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something about radio...


Something about radio is attractive and familiar, more so than television or even internet, the last is not always easily accessible to many people, as for television, it is still a relative luxury. radio is grandfather of internet, and father of television, in turn, internet and cable now carry radio signals, worldwide, a happy union indeed.

Internet is growing and so does radio with it, when before a radio signal could reach only a certain geographic area and today you can podcast your playlist world wide and many people do. that is cool and people are picking up on it. and so now there is an explosion of radio shows, pirate even, broadcasting worldwide their streams to whom ever wants to listen to them and many people becoming internationally reknown from the convenience of their own home.

Viola, media revolution and it was not televised. the world is the stage for radio of the new millennia. people now can tune in to any radio in the world via the wireless internet network in downtown Toronto, or many other places, with their sound players and listen shows, even call in and participate on their solar cell satellite photo/video/www/.../ cell phones. Radio is fun, it is wormer medium than television, because it is easier to interact with it, big balk being college and pirates radio
stations around the world, of course, it is lots of fun to be on the air as many would attest from personal experience.

Both radio and television were introduced with designated regulatory laboratory interface with lots of rules and expensive equipment, then the internet came out of the military closets and spread out throughout the globe consuming any medium on its path. people bloging, poding, pinging more and more and music and news spread like wild fire across a blogtown and who knows who is listening.

Radio is here to stay because it is desired and its' transmissions just keep on flowing through matter, space, and time. a modern radio station is getting content primarily using internet and various file sharing software and it uses internet to broadcast its audio stream and publish playlists and information about the tracks played. many players would even pull whatever information is available about the artists and even offer to buy the album.

The assumption by the music industry that, somehow, they own whatever expressions is ridiculous because all expressions are as much original as they are derivative of previous expressions, same applies to technology, which makes any expression rendered integrally interconnected in its cause and effect existence phenomena thus the original expression can not be expressed without being original all the way to the beginning of time. hence all expressions are equally original and equally derive from the same original core source expressed in all matter.

Any expressions of sound, speech, writing, dance, film, theater, are traditions which are common heritage of human cultural environment and development, our ability to express and perceive have evolved for billions of light years since the birth of the universe. its not clear how is it possible after such a long journey through evolution to arrive at a place and time when some expressions somehow are so original that no one else, dead or alive, had anything to do with it. it just appeared out of blue to everyone's surprise. totally unexpected and alien, since no one ever, presumably, had no connection with such an expression. it is doubtful that such an original expression would even be able to communicate to whom ever it wished to reveal itself, being all new and all that, it would not be perceived, because perception perceives things which are inherently part of whoever experiencing it and thus can not perceive anything which is completely separate 100% original alien expression they have nothing to do with.

Same goes for shapes and colours which are perceived on very personal level that many words fail to describe. so to make a claim to own a shape, colour, sound, word, or any cultural expression is a fallacy. a baker needs to sell an actual loaf of bread to make money not when a picture of it is seen or word spoken about it. a painter paints a picture the picture is the product not the image, the image belongs to the public domain, thank you very much, imagine how many landscapes where already painted, we all in it together you know, see the big picture.

Make a product, cd, painting, sculpture, bread, shovel, brick, book, honey, whatever, than you can sell the product but not an expression. there is an apple, only one apple among three people, only so much of that apple can be eaten, its a limited resource. same with the painting, only one original, sell for a lot perhaps, and the prints, also costs money to make but easier to produce than the painting and can sell.

The idea of a print of a painting is free for all and the image which you see you can use to make your own posters or paintings if you so inspire, thats what artists do. if you don't want to have your expression to be in the public eye, well, then, keep it to yourself and have a tight lid on it for the very nature of expression is to express to whom ever cares to give it time to experience it. besides the point, sharing is caring. and no matter how much you explain how the cake taste, or if its already been experienced by someone else so don't bother eating it, it's nothing new,
still people will want to have personal product they can keep or consume for themselves, and they will pay for it if they want it bad enough and will pay even more if it's a limited resource. true it is good to share some cake with your friends, however sharing also means that you get to eat the cake as well.

Speacking of cake, ckln 88.1 fm community radio is run by about 200 volunteer djs who put long hours to bring our listeners the best college radio anywhere in the universe. to continue our broadcasts we need your support during ckln fundfest 2006 fund drive funraiser marathon from october 13 to 22. please give ckln a call and make your pledge to keep ckln community radio on the air to continue broadcasting the shows you love ckln radio for.

thank you and bon app├ętit.

Alexander Braun aka sasha.

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