Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush vs Republicans

Traditionally the republican values are: anti war, anti immigration, anti big government, anti global warming propaganda spread by the nuclear industry, also the republicans were first to critisize lies about aids. the republicans have established private home schooling networks in order to protect their young from vaccination and brainwashing. republicans consider themselves fiscally concervative and are against the accumulation of debt and are anti gmo. strangelly, however, the leader of the republican party, ww bush, is a neocon with values which are: pro war, pro immigration, pro vaccination, pro debt accumulation, pro big government, pro global warming, pro aids, west nile, sars, madcow (aka swine flu), avian flu (all boloni), and pro gmo, the values which are traditionally have been embraced by the democratic party. therefore ww bush is a democrat in practice. vote democratic - vote for republicans! :)

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