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The universe is a playground and the Earth is where we learn how to share it.

God is the body. - earth
Evil is the mind. - water
Aware is the spirit. - air
Feeling is the soul. - fire

stages of life
I - freedom
II - unity
III - beauty
IV - wisdom
V - happiness
VI - peace

stages of after-life/death
the last judgment/trial of the soul
I - (Sun) world of individual members of the former body: heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, etc.
II - (Moon) world of collected images of the former mind
III - (Earth) world of spirits from the former life
IV - (Universe) home world of the free foul.

—————horizontal/vertical relations——section under construction————

God |is/now|peace/destination|live/die|know|true|need|all|instinct|body|environment|earth|physical|solid|individual|order




—————horizontal/vertical relations——section under construction————

Metaphysical structure of the God ’s body

according to Christian metaphysics:

1. Lord Jesus (Horus, son of the virgin Isis) - I AM CHRIST (KING) - crown chakra

2. Peter - Faith (rock) - centre of brain (orig. Simon - hearing)

3. Andrew (brother of Peter) - Strength - Loins

4. James (son of Zebedee) - Discrimination/Judgment - pit of stomach

5. John (son of Zebedee) - Love - back of heart

6. Philip - Power - root of tongue

7. Barthalamew - Imagination - between the eyes

8. Thomas - Understanding - front brain

9. James (son of Alphaeus) - Order - navel

10. Simon (the Canaanite) - Zeal - back head/medulla

11. Thaddaeus - Renunciation/Elimination - abdominal region

12. Judas - Life Conserver - generative function

according to the ancient Egyptian believe, the God’s body, i.e. human body, consists of seven lights and seven shadows of these lights, three of which are immortal and four are mortal, as listed below in order of their departure after death:

the immortal lights

1. Ren - celestial waters - stars - one’s secret name - does not change and is sort of on temporary personal loan.

2. Sekhem - celestial waters - sun - power (i.e. to move limbs) - becomes stronger or weaker during life which determines a type of container a being will occupy in its future life, if it’s necessary. The Sekhem will ask one question: Some succeed in using Me well. Can you make that claim? here, liying will not be an option nor will the mercy.

3. Khu - full moon - divine bird of intelligence (with a human face) - angel of wisdom and empathy, i.e. if a person is hurt the Khu is going to feel it too.

the mortal lights

4. Ba - love of the heart - can speak up or keep silence, since the heart cannot always forgive. some hearts are treacherous, while others cannot endure suffering.

5. Ka - body - double - leaves after 70 days (of embalming are done).

6. Khaibit - shadow - memory and thoughts of the dead

7. Sekhu - the remains - reflection of strength, the last light of the evening (Atum), stays on earth when resurection is required, as it will at the end of days for the Last Judgment soiree.

based on the ancient and personal realizations.
Alexander Braun

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the last high priest of the universe.

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