Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Discovery: NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere

New Discovery: NASA Study Proves Carbon Dioxide Cools Atmosphere: Langley Research Center, NASA, SABER, greenhouse gas effect, carbon dioxide, solar radiation, James Hansen, Rupert Darwall

fascinating new info and excerpt from a conversation thread of the above post on my fb wall which proves my point:

"CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. NASA established this in the spring of 2013. There is no "science" on greenhouse gases. If there were, water vapour would be the major culprit. "NASA's Langley Research Center has collated data proving that “greenhouse gases” actually block up to 95 percent of harmful solar rays from reaching our planet, thus reducing the heating impact of the sun. The data was collected by Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry, (or SABER). SABER monitors infrared emissions from Earth’s upper atmosphere, in particular from carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitric oxide (NO), two substances thought to be playing a key role in the energy balance of air above our planet’s surface."

(via Bruce Batchelor)

in reference to my earlier post and comments:

i remember reading somewhere that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 0.03%. 

As far as the green house effect is concerned, i think there is not enough evidence of its existence at all in actual scientific proof beyond wild theories and speculations. 

The whole argument structured on the CO2 and the so-called green house effect is a house of cards built on hypothesis and not valid scientific theory. 

In my opinion as far as i have researched this topic so far. However the article is interesting read and all sides of the argument can make a positive contribution to determine where the truth lies.

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