Thursday, January 02, 2014

Seidenstraße - the making of... [30c3]

Oh my me! That's me in the video, on a few occasions when Jeff Mann does his presentation talking about the InterAccess Gallery in Toronto, starting around 12:12, when he is talking about the Amsterdam -- Toronto conjoined dinner.

It was live webcast which was projected on the walls at the end of both tables, thus table in Amsterdam upon reaching the wall showed the live video feed of the table in Toronto continuing the intercontinental festivities, and the other way around in Toronto.

The dinner was also served via remote-controlled mechanical arms that poured wine, clinked glasses, and tossed salads by the Amsterdam hosts for our Toronto diners and vise-versa.

During the dinner, Dmytri and others were talking through a robotic fish on the table which was opening its mouth with a speaker inside every time someone spoke in the microphone.

I was the chef in charge of the Toronto side of the table cooking for the dozen or so people seated around it, i made all bunch of Russian dished from what i remember for the occasion. I have almost forgot about it until now. After this event i was invited to do a Russian food night at MeMe Cafe in Cobourg, Ontario.

Then the following segment at 12:19 shows me playing guitar in a green plaid shirt with a green mohawk. Awesome, good memories. It was much fun living in Toronto in the late nineties, so much art was happening it was unreal. Some days there were 20-30 art opening and all were better then the other. Then all hell broke loose when the evil, crazy zombies from the outside got loose and invaded the downtown core.

In the early naughties, many of the notorious InterAccess and Idiosyntactix artists, including the Idiosyntactix founder Dmytri Kleiner, have fled to Europe, primarily to Berlin, which became a sort of Toronto art scene in diaspora. Good old times! 8)‎

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