Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Grateful Dead - Go To Heaven (Album, April 28, 1980)

The red poppy is also old symbol of the moon, hence its inconspicuous presence often can be found in the Churches' stained glass windows, in Greek mythology the moon  is symbolized by the goddess Diana, who is also associated with the hunt and birthing, in Egypt it is god Thoth and/or Osiris, upon received the lunar eye from his son Horus, the morning sun.

The moon, in itself, is an old symbol for the collective consciousness, which, according to the ancient Egyptian metaphysics, is represented by one of three immortal lights, souls, out of the total seven that make up the human being, called Khu -- the divine intelligence -- symbolized by the full moon, and a lunar bird with the face of the person it represents, associated with the empathy and thought, who returns back to the moon when all is said and done.

Traditionally. the silver moon mirrors the sunlight reflecting in the dark waters below where life's memories are stored, thoughts and all, while the memories of the dead are kept on the moon, so is the collective "lunar" consciousness reflects from the individual "solar" experiences during the lifetime(s). The right side is also traditionally identified with the feminine, giving, lunar energy. In Spiritual language, while God of Hosts represents the physical world, the elemental earth, the body, and the Lord is identified with the mind, consciousness, awareness, the elemental water, a subtle but metaphysically important distinction.

Some claim that they have used the ibogaine, a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants in the Apocynaceae family, as a way to contact the dead relatives, on the moon, however, the hallucinogenic trip required is very intense, long lasting, takes about three days, and is not very pleasant from what i heard.

The red poppy is also the source of opium, a major pain killer, which goes hand and hand with the war, big source of pain and suffering, hence it is not that surprising that the military forces of all major empires throughout history fought for the control of the opium production. The red colour represents life, love, blood, action, the first colour we see when we are born, while black represents death, hate, soil, rest; and the last colour we see when we die.

Together with the colour white, representing innocent spiritual purity of the soul, the black and red for the sacred colours of the ancient Egyptian high priests, with the formal state colours being red, white and blue; the red crown for the life-giving fertile delta of the Lower Egypt, the white crown for the desert sands of the Upper Egypt, and the blue war crown. A colour tradition that can be still seen today in many nation's flags.

Never Forget! Never Again! To Our Glorious Dead, Hip Hip Hooray!!!


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