Sunday, March 06, 2016

Steve Sisgold: Authors at Google

Steve Sisgold: Authors at Google

I am thrilled to announce and present to the world, after many decades of struggle to remedy the damages caused by the false "mind over body" paradigm, the new book, heavenly inspired O:) must read, by Steve Sisgold, titled "Whole Body Intelligence" where he effectively explored the VIRAL vs VITAL believes.

Courtesy of a TV interview by Barry Kibrick, Between The Lines TV program. + +

This "mind over body" attitude is wring and is unfair, unreasonable enslavement of the body for no good reason to the psychotic dictatorship of the mind on the lose.

Hence was my main reason for the creation in 2002 of the first One Page Bible, followed by another version in 2009, and 20016, accompanied with its visual counterpart, The Big Picture painting, started in 2012.

Both conceptual works can be seen at or, along with the numerous articles on the subject (see my notes) focused on the metaphysics and re-defining or re-establishing the terms used to describe the human reality, which includes:

the physical body and environment (micro/macro, pleasure/pain, life/death, needs/order) aka God of Hosts (EARTH),

sensory of the conscious (awareness of the soul)/subconscious (awareness of the body) mind with the archetypes of the values, ethics, and judgements (wants/laws), with the associated dichotomies of good/evil, right/wrong, (WATER),

spiritual/spatial (in/out, war/peace) perception/the "here" circumstances, breathing, animating the in/out connections between the micro/macro spaces, hidden, (AIR),

and last but not least, is the feeling emotionally the procession of time (love/fear, care/hate) the "now" presence, cycles/fates/change, "the emanation of the Holy Spirit," -- the Soul (FIRE).

The fifth element is the centre, as an old proverb says, "the universe has its centre everywhere and its circumference nowhere." now+here=nowhere. (ETHER).


_\|/_  I am as young as now and as old as the universe.

_\|/_  The body is holy, the rest is a story.

_\|/_  The universe is a playground and the earth is where we learn how to share it.

_\|/_  Love is the root of all evil and good.

_\|/_ i am <3 i am, not US O:) vs THEM 3:).

Live! Prosper! Be Well!

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