Friday, October 20, 2006

CKLN 88.1 FM FUNDFEST 2006 +1 416 598-8810

CKLN radio is doing its anual fundfest until october 22 24/7 on air 88.1 fm in toronto area and on the web at ckln can issue tax receipts with charitable number for pledges over cnd $100. all pledges will be enetered into ruffle for bike and travel prises. pledges of $50 and over can get fair trade tees and hoodies ($75), caps, tukes, dj bags, with cool ckln new logo of barcodes exploding with ckln 88.1 fm liberate your radio coming through... cool stuff. black, white, red. ckln is a community college radio run by volunteers and rellies on its listeners to pay for the broadcasting coasts associated with collectivelly owning and operating a radio station. ckln soon will celebrate its 25 years anniversary. please call now and give ckln your pledge in support of open expression, community and college radio, the true sound of radio which radio wants to be outside of the constrains of sounds broadcasted under the corporate control and commercial influence. once a year ckln is asking its audience to help raise the money and it is this time now to call +1 416 598-8810 or go to the and donate online. the funds raised during this campaigns account for about 40% of the total budget and this years target is cnd $115.000. ckln needs your help and i ask all our idioaudio fans to please call and pledge whatever you can, you can even get some prises from different shows for different size pledges. the other night it was olive oil and olive oil soap, or 13 cds for $200, tickets to todays viletones show at the lees palace, yes, the viletones from 1977 b.c. back from the dead. speaking of tickets, you can tune in right now into the live online or fm broadcasts and check out different hot tickets to the hot shows and opennings that different show hosts give away for $20 and over pledges. this is the time when different djs try to make an even extra sweet deals by collecting prizes to be given in exchange for pledges, from rare music to hand made clothing and beauty items, its a fundfest at please call now, we need your support so that we can keep our airwaves free from corporate advertising and continue our community college radio just the way it is - free, independent, open, and fun. the ckln fundfest 2006 hotline is +1 416 598-8810 thank you for supporting free radio. liberate your radio! p.s. if you want to make your pledge listed under idio-audio show, our show code is 37, which you can include with your pledge, thank you very much for that.

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