Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Democratic Wars

One hundred years ago there was small government and big business controlling it. both the government and the big business were growing fast but the government has won the race, and recently it has reversed it's submissive position into a dominant force - it is now the big government who is in control of the big business. however, the government itself, and "it's" money, is still controlled by a small secretive private sector, and the "public"... is performing sorts of a democratic voting rituals which don't really make much effect nor sense on how things are done and why, except for keeping an appearance that it's all quiet here in the wild west.

Soon there are elections in the usa, hooray!, so what does it all mean? well, for starters, the democrats have much beef with the repubelicans, for trying to impeach clinton for getting a head, for starting an illegal war in iraq, for stealing last two elections. therefore the demos have much better reason for wanting to impeach bush, oh ya, add to that 911, there is a terrorist behind every bush nowadays and close to the elections, it seams, the bush is burning.

Republicans are running and finger pointing, especially now having been caought pants down in a pedophile affair involving their house leader, nothing new really, while the democrats fat bureaucrats have been egg faced after the pubes had last two elections stolen from them and kerry's embarrassing admitting the blow... adds insult to injury, in any case, repubes are bad but what about the demo freaks? here are some points to consider, first and foremost, both parties are two puppets of the same master, satan (666), second are -

The four democratic wars:

1. us president woodrow wilson (democratic party) - first elected in 1912, in 1913 creation of the federal reserve bank, which is neither federal (it is private), nor reserve (it has no reserves and btw the fort knox is empty), nor it is a bank, basically what it is is printer of the usa money, i.e. a private group of people who have the license to print money thanks to woodrow wilson being controlled by the bankers. at a time those bankers were the rothschilds, now worth around $usd 300 trillion, who in 1914 have orchestrated the assassination of austrian archduke ferdinand by "anarchists", some say that trotsky was also in on it, and thus started the world war one, which america joined in 1917 right after the inauguration of woodrow wilson into office for the second term.

During that time, in april 1917, trotsky, a us citizen, was arrested in halifax harbor and escorted off the boat, on request from england, and held in canadian custody. he was later released to go to russia to help lenin and his bolshevik revolution funded by the banking elite and organized by the scull and bones through great orion freemasons lodge in paris. tolstoy's war and peace is one side of that story. the rothschilds have also funded karl marx through frederich engels, a german freemason.

However the biggest banking family at a time was warburgs with three brothers located in england (hq), germany, and america with close ties with rothschilds and bernard baruch who was leading american banker and connected to so called mr. house aka kernel house, first political adviser to wilson, from texas, same as carl rove, who was bush's main adviser from texas. reportedly wilson has declared that "mr house is my soul brother, everything he has told you to do is as though i am telling you to do it."

At the end of wwi woodrow wilson was also responsible for the treaty of versailles, which basically reorganized the european borders and made germany sign humiliating surrender arrangements, according to which russia's tzar nicholas ii would have got half of europe and some of the near east. however nicholas didn't live to enjoy his wwi spoils and was soon dead himself with his family, left to die by his allies britain and america who were funding tzar's enemies - the bolsheviks - behind his back, which was the biggest secret of the soviet regime.

Woodrow wilson is also responsible for the formation of yugoslavia and the wars that ensued as a result of it. although the republicans under bush senior have started the war in ugoslavia it was the democrats under clinton who have finished it.

2. us president franklin delano roosevelt aka fdr (democratic party) took america to and through wwii and then was killed himself in 1945 three weeks before the death of hitler, on his fourth term, while in good health under mysterious circumstances. fdr was good friends with stalin and did not want fight war anymore. however he did not live to enjoy his spoils either. according to the official story fdr died from heart attack, however when stalin heard of the premature death of his wwii ally, he asked gromyko, then ambassador to the us, to check on the body of fdr and three times gromyko made request and every time was refused to see the dead fdr's body. this has aroused stalin's suspicions and he became convinced that the fdr was killed when during his funeral the fdr's casket was closed throughout the ceremony and never was allowed to be opened, even though gromyko, under the pressure of stalin's orders, was insisting on seeing the fdr's body. when later fdr's son came for a visit to moscow, stalin has told him that his father, fdr, was killed. thus far not even a single book is published about the mysterious death of four terms us president, except for one mention about it in the book written by fdr's son, in comparison to over five hundred books written about jfk assassination.

3. us president harry s. truman (democratic party) took united states to the korean war, yet another fantastic disaster.

4. us president lyndon baines johnson (democratic party) was responsible for the vietnam mess us has found itself in.

Pubes only managed to pull off half-assed campaign in iraq under bush senior fighting desert storms in footsteps of nero and half of war in ugoslavia, so compare to the democrats, the republicans are peace loving angels. give peace a chance, vote republican! :)



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