Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Magdalene Gospel

The Magdalene Gospel

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A job as changeable as the weather.

To be a climatologist, you need a strong background in math and physics. Courses in meteorology and climatology, as well as courses in agricultural, biological, computer, or natural sciences are part of the coursework. You need broad educational experience, because the users of climate information come from varied backgrounds. For most private consulting and many government jobs, you need a master’s or doctoral degree.

Are we in a drought? Could there be a flood? Ask a climatologist. Climatologists study climate change, climate variability, and the effects of climate on the biosphere. They use computers to predict the effect of weather or climate on the growth and development of grain, vegetables, fruit, and other crops.

Climatologists work for state and federal governments as weather station network supervisors, computer programmers, and supervisors of climate data publications. Some are private consultants that provide expert advice or testimony for clients, including companies involved in construction, litigation, insurance, utilities, and agribusiness.

Climatologists at universities teach climate courses and participate in multi-disciplinary extension and research activities.

In high school, take classes in mathematics, biology, physics, and computer science. Courses like economics, speech, and chemistry also will help.

I was thinking of getting my degree?