Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Is


Written by Alexander Braun.


This book is about me and what I know and not about you and what you know.

God - body (earth), Angels/Demons - mind (water), Spirit - space (air), Soul - time (fire). Know Thyself ->

Author's Quotes.

* Love is the root of all evil and good.

* Nobody can love me more than I am.

* I will always be able to love and hate because I am the Universe.

* The universe is a playground and the earth is where we learn how to share it.

* In silent body the abode of soul in search of peace,
but restless minds needs to know and spirit loves to live.

Table of Contents.

Body Mind Spirit Soul
Is Then/There Here Now
Physical Perceived Space Time
Solid Liquid Gas Plasma
Earth Water Air Fire
Mass = Charge +/- Field In/Out Force on/off
Matter Wave Length Frequency Energy
I Am My Me Self
Order/Caos Logic Reason Intent
God Angels $ Demons Mortals Immortals
Platter Chalice Spear Sword
Diamonds Hearts Clubs Spades
Who What Where When
W H Y ?$!:;~'”-_@#%^&*()/|\,. ...
To Know To Dare To Act To Remain Silent


I saw one ugly dumb drugged down parasite creature. I am the host so I know honey from shit. I said hi, since I try to be polite because I am the cause of everything, civilization including. It was Saturday. I am the High Priest, however the idiot bag of poss and venom chose to ignore our divine presence, and since after the days previous to this he has received a medicinal relief prayed for on multiple occasion, and for this bad ego trip, he has bad pain he shalt receive and have no time to spend on leisure until the lesson of respect and proper place is learned for my own pleasure.


I am one only. I am that I am. I am not a doctor nor a teacher, although I have had to be one on occasion for myself and life around. I am the center of my own universe as everyone are the centers of their own universes respectfully, as an old proverb confirms -- “The universe has it's center everywhere and it's circumference nowhere.” If someone thinks that they are not the center of their own universe it is because they either don't know about it, as a child, for example, depends on and follows "in orbit around" a parent, or someone who is strategically follows around another center for some perceived benefit or reason, as an employee vs boss case. In any case, their own individual center and the universe is always there for them in existence, always. Yes, in time, space, mind, and body. Sooner or later all other centers will disappear leaving them exposed to their own appetites, abilities, the necessary desires to fuel them, and the unavoidable debts accumulated along the way, predominantly of carmic aka universal nature.

Since the actual universe is physically one and since all "parallel" individual universes were at some point in the same time/space point zero location, this means that all universes share the same forces, matter particles, and laws that govern them, such as force equals acceleration multiplied by mass, for example. It is in theory possible that the universe will gother into one spot again if the critical mass density exceeds 10(29) i.e. five hydrogen atoms per every qubic meter of the universe would form strong enough gravitational force to cause a Big Crunch, and then again perhaps another Big Bang on a rebound of the universal pendulum.

Its been eternity. Really. The first law of physics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, which means it was always here and it will always be here!! We all are immortal beings experiencing many mortal lives, i.e. with beginning, middle, and death is the only friend at the end. Even the biggest and mightiest of the gods bow before the power of the eternal time.

Chapter One - The Immaculate Conception.

From random to intelligence to intelligently designed intelligence.

Toxic, parasitic, fragile, monolithic, moody, and needy humanoid silicon-neuro-organic-complex-carbohydrates genome transformation into a green, symbiotic, robust, modular, wireless, solid state, digital nanobods - the new big evolutionary advance dominating the earth by the twenty third century.

C.O.M.E.R. – Critical Order Maintenance Emmergency Resources

After billions of light years prelude to the incidentally randomly generated intelligence, the cosmic spores crash-landed themselves into a virgin Earth where only the Mineral kingdom is rulling in full glory. The single cell spore organisms quickly colonize the oceans as plancton, on the land surface as alge, and underground as fungi networks, effectivelly forming new Species, and continued to multiply and sub-divide and groups of Genera, Families, Orders, Classes, Phyla, and four new Kingdoms besides the Mineral, i.e. Fungi, Plant, Animal, and Human, each subsequently sub-divided into structures, described above, distinguished by their original genome and genesis.

The Human kingdom is using tools aka technology to compensate for the luck of natural protection and abilities and evolves the extended body manchinery and armour, i.e. agriculture, fishing nets, metal & matterials working, clothing, housing, vehicles, weappons, computers, etc., as well as external sensory and intelligence gathering, storage and prossessing, such as wirless radio, tv, telephone, internet, speach, writing, science and art, to name a few. The externalised physical body and mind become more and more universal, world-wide, quick and effective, portable, modular, smaller in its building units, multi-tasking, powerfull and durable, self-defending, replicating, and reparing, with ever growing AI independence and realisation of superiority over old neuro-organic silicon-based complex hydrocarbon original randomly mutated primordial intelligence, aka the Human as a member of the Earth's diverse and complex biosystem, granted not always working as planned, but first nonetheless, and dear to the nastalgic heart of conventionalists.

The nanobods take over the Earth and start war on Homosepiens, as we did our way with the Neanderthols back in a day. The Underground union is formed among remaining nonobod-free cyborgs, anderoids, humanoids, activists, and menonites, who have miraculaselly escaped the exctinction enjoyed by all other religions, save for Satanists. The final war of remaining Humans, whatever that means, is on against the undestructable, uber-intelligent, solid and non-feeling, particle-or-planet-size nanobod transformers. Will even a single human survive the fate of exctintion when the universe has decided to take a new evolutionary course. Stay tuned for even more unbelievable revelations in our next exciting adventure – As The World Burns.

Science vs Religion & Evolution vs Creation.
Science is a religion and full of holes as any religion is. Scientists still to this day can't explain where the oil comes from, something humanity uses every day. According to the official version, it comes from organic matter, but that would produce coal, while there are a lot of offshore oil that comes from under the ocean floor where there is very little organic life and oil being lighter than water would have been then found on a surface, which is not the case. So, what is oil? The answer is unknown by science. Amazingly and ridiculous as it sounds, the stunning revelation is that our scientists as mythological in their “scientific” methods and intellectual constructs as our church fathers' claims of geocentric universe and whatever number of angels can party on a tip of a needle. The origins of oil is one of the biggest scientific cover-ups of our time and embarrassing realities of science that the academia doesn't want to acknowledge.
I think that the oil, most likely, is synthesized inside the Earth's core as by-product of the volcanic activity utilizing extremely high pressures and temperatures, however the science is silent about it. The Earth has actually doubled in size since the extinction of dinosaurs some 65 million years ago and is obviously growing, as anything else in the universe, universe including, and the fact that the most of the ocean floor is only a couple of hundred million years old compared with the Earth's crust measuring 4-6 billion years, this too is being ignored by most scientists, even though it is obvious that all continents were at one time together in almost a perfect sphere of various minerals and virtually no water whatsoever for billions of years.
Religion is based on morals nurtured by virtues, science is based on method nurtured by experience, both are real and correct in many ways from their point of reference. Its like two people standing on either side of a spinning wheel arguing over which way the wheel is turning, clockwise or counterclockwise, however both are correct. So, is it the evolution or creation, some might be wondering. The reality is that in today's world there is no debate, a mass, about it at all. Then who won this ages old battle? Well, the evolutionists, since the Pope has agreed with the Darwin's creed back in the 60's, granted, as God's divine plan and direct involvement. No more 5000 years old Earth, aka the young Earth theory, for the Catholics world wide. The Protestants not qualified either since they have embraced the evolution theory before even Catholics did. What about the Muslim world, can it lend significant support to the Creationist camp? Well, not quiet. Remember that modern science in large parts came from the Arab world, where most people are well educated and know better than to believe that the world is only 5000 years old and that the dinosaur bones God placed on Earth to test our faith. OK then, what about the Jews, some may wonder. First off, there are only around 14 million people in the world who identify themselves as being Jewish and majority do not believe the 5780 years Earth anyway, and question everything as part of the Jewish Talmudic tradition, so regardless, that is not a factor in any case. Moving on. Where then all these masses of religious creationist fanatics who lend significant opposition to the Darwin's evolution theory today? How many of them are there? What percentage of people are we talking about, 50/50%, 20/80%?? Well, counting occasional Mormon and Jehovah witness and some other obscure fringe groups and individuals, there are actually not that many people in the creationist camp, about 1 to 2 % total of all people alive today. What?! That is it?!!! Then what about all this Creation vs Evolution debate on TV during the George Bush presidential campaigns? It is a so-called “wedge” issue, in likes of pro-choice vs pro-life, big government vs big business, environment vs economy, something to keep public focused on while they're being robbed or killed or whatever reason for utilizing demagogue tool of the wedge issue polemics. Polemics or not, where all this Bible thumpers who elected Bush twice into the office? The sad reality is that there never were nor are masses of the creationist religious fanatics now and during the Bush administration days, and the election results were simply fabricated and the election literally stolen, twice, from American people, hence was the need to invent fictional “masses” of creationist-uber-right-wing-conservative-Bible-belt support base for Bush, designed on the old basic principle of war – to divide and conquer.

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