Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jesus Crist was a Pharaoh! (YouTube)

Jesus was son of the pharaoh Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, named Caesarion, later, around the age 13, he has changed his name to Issu, which in Egyptian means son of Isis, the virgin goddess Isis, which was the epithet of Cleopatra, hence the young Caesarion became son of the virgin goddess Isis and after Roman senate proclaimed his father Julius Caesor a god the little Jesus became also the son of god, as well, his mother Cleopatra made young Caesarion co-ruler and gave him a title the king of kings. Jesus later married his half-sister Selene, who has changed her name to Magdalene, migdol in Egyptian means elevated or fortified. Both set to reclaim the lost throne of the Roman empire stolen from them by Caesor's adapted son Octavian, after the assassination of their father god Julius Caesor, notice that both are JC for short.

Jesus, after spending some time in India learning compassion and healing of Buddhism, and traveling to Cornwall, England, where he was trading tin with his rich uncle Joseph of Judea (Joseph of Arimathea in the Bible), planted seeds of his future conversion of the Roman empire into the Holy Roman empire. The wedding described in the Bible, where Jesus reportedly was turning water into wine, was his wedding, when Jesus married his half-sister Mary Magdalene. Mary in Egyptian means beloved. The statue of liberty is the statue of Mary Magdalene, aka Selene, and she looks pregnant from underneath her gown, implying that Jesus and Mary had kids. The modern day royal families of England, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, and virtually all prominent families of today trace their lineage from the Merovingian dynasty, who are the Hebrew descendants of Caesarion and Mary Magdalene - the heirs of the six Egyptian Hyksos kings, the VI KINGS or vikings, were founded by the patriarch Abram who's Egyptian name was actually Amunemhet I - the pharaoh of Egypt.

The God being worshiped then and now is the hidden God - AMN or AMUN or AMON or OMON (sol-omon), or AMEN, hence test-amen-t and amen at the end of all prayers in the Christian, Jewish, or Islam religions. Amun is the hidden God who is both: Osiris - blue god of the underworld and judge of the souls, and Seth - god of night, deserts, and royalty. When the Ogdoad frog-headed gods and snake-headed goddesses of the primordial forces of abyss, darkness, infinity, and hidden have decided to create the first light, it was Amun, the hidden god, who transformed himself into a serpent and bit his tail creating a self-contained vortex of energy causing electromagnetic field out of which centre a lotus flower rose up unveiling the first light as the god Atum - the Creator of the Universe.

The idea basically is - dc in the centre and ac around it in a ring.

Well now, the end is near, and as it was promised by the ancient Egyptian priests, at the very end the great God Atum will turn into a giant serpent and will consume the whole universe - only Osiris and Atum will be left around and the Ogdoad gods and goddesses will naturally remain as well, where Amun and his snake-headed consort Amunaet dwell.

Alexander Braun

Idiosyntactix Strategiic Arts & Sciences Alliance

The Last High Priest Of The Universe

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