Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

Garrett Lisi predicts 20 new particles using mathematical models describing
so-called E8 object, discovered by Wilhelm Killing and proved by √Člie Cartan.

E8 has rank 8 and dimension 248 (as a manifold). The vectors of the root system are in eight dimensions and are specified later in this article. The Weyl group of E8, which acts as a symmetry group of the maximal torus by means of the conjugation operation from the whole group, is of order 696729600.

E8 is unique among simple Lie groups in that its non-trivial representation of smallest dimension is the adjoint representation (of dimension 248) acting on the Lie algebra E8 itself.

There is a Lie algebra En for every integer n≥3, which is infinite dimensional if n is greater than 8.

Must See!!! It's the real all or nothing deal in physics since the bing bang theory! ;)

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