Sunday, March 23, 2008

Advertising and CD Design by Alexander Braun

This promo (1997) I designed for John Magyar of Psychospace Sound who is best recording engineer in the world and worked with many great and famous musicians.

I designed this partypix promo card for Billy Warhol, the other sides of both are somewhere in the archives are equally cool eye candy, and I also designed his (1996) website, which was the best looking website at a time on the internet.

My ad for the Ugly Ducklings show for the Exclaim!, Canadian national music magazine. I saw the show and made photographs.
I designed artwork for Hop Around cd by Dee Dee Ramone and this ad. Project by Jan Haust of OPM records with EMI Canada. (see below full cover version or google it).

I designed this ad for Garth Hudsons new cd. opm records promo.

My ad for the Exclaim! mag. promoting CJ Sleez new cd. I also designed the Rock Action cd artwork with CJ.

Below are several of my ads printed in Exclaim! magazine to promote Hop Around cd by Dee Dee Ramone, I designed the artwork for this cd which became his last solo album. Produced by Jan Haust of OPM records the ads feature other great old school punk classics.

My Exclaim! magazine ad for the Forgotten Rebels cd release and shows.

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