Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Red Chair" by Alexander Braun

oil on canvas, 2006
private collection

In this studio lived a very good toronto musician with his girfriend, who was renovating it to setup his dream music recording studio and it was in the same building where my art studio was at a time on king and parliament. so i happen to stop by one day, on a full moon, and was inspired by the intricate lace of shadows on the floor. i grabed a piece of canvas laying around and made a fast sketch using the green window-frame paint that was there, then i took it upstairs to my studio and finished it in oil. it is the fastest oil painting i`ve done! my hand was moving so fast that i couldn`t even see what paint i was mixing with my brash, something that i thought of while painting it... when i have finished, the painting turned out to be so beautiful that i realised that i managed to capture the very spirit of the space and i decided to give it to my friend as a present. a few days later he had lost his job and had to vacate his dream space, loosing all his invested efforts and money in its renovation. this painting became the only momento he could keep of the space where he has spent over fifteen years of his life.


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