Monday, March 17, 2008


In the Beginning God was asleep
In the abyss of darkness and infinite deep
In silence God rested when in His dream
A thought came to pass and have spoken to Him.
`A home I shell have for Myself, an abode,
And temple for beauty, Love of My Soul,
A good place to dwell and enjoy My Great Being
In repose from My work I will do for the living.
World I shell make for play and for fun!`
In somber God fathomed His detailed Plan.
Thus, awaketh from sleep the Creation begun.

"Let there be light", said God of Might
And so it was, a magic seed appiered out of the hidden
And reveiled a flower bud, sparkling glow in endless keep.
The tiny plant, the breath of life, was growing fast,
Extreamely high, above the waters lifting sky,
It rooted deep in virgin mud,
Upholding a humangous sphere,
That glowed blood-red from the within...
Then, giant bud had sudden burst
And openned to the Universe
The blooming pure-white blazing ray
Of brightly radiating flame.
The fire born in flesh and might
Marked new first day with new first light.

The Sun rose up from lotus flower
In slow noble way and incredible power.
God looked at the Sun and saw it is kind
"You are very good", God said to His child.
"Please take it from here, create worlds and build nations,
Your beautiful light will cause great celebrations.
Let temples be built for My own only glory.
Let praise be to God, your Father, The Holy.
Let innocent be. Repent to Redeemer.
Stay Clear of intantion and want not from wemen.
Know of the good and know not of the evil,
For I am True God and life`s Only Giver.
Let the free have no fear to keep honour and grace,
Thy shalt fear only Me since I am Only Judge.
Let the brave have the courage to sacrifice wholly,
In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy.
Let all pay respect for all My Creation.
Let kind in heart lead way to solvation.
Let wise keep the silence and keys to the secrets.
Let ignorant preach and become politicians.
Let beauty be sacred for My is Perfection,
Let the arts be the sign of a civilized nation.
Let in word and in music, in prayer and thought
The praise be to God, who is your Only Lord.
Let stories be written about Act of Creation,
So that it is known by all generations.
My Love be with you to bestow on all being,
So that in My Peace will they find it`s meanning.

I will now repose from the works of Creation,
So I can enjoy it in My Celebration.
The Father, The Son, and The Spirit of God
Are free to receive in thy breath and thy heart.
Desire is free for the God and His child
Thus only the need will be hence satisfied.
I am Only God, with you I am two,
Three is My breath in all that I do.
Let the land to be green and the sky to be blue.
Now do what you wilt, I will always love you.
Mene, Mene, your days have been numbered,
So when it is done, we will be united again at that time.
I Bless you My child with My Fire Sword
So that you Create in the Truth of My Word".

by Alexander Braun
28 December 2007, Montreal

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