Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Golden Shoe

pencil, purple - cabbage, red - beet, orange - carrot, yellow saffron, my blood* on paper.

* I used a little of my blood for the ball on top of the city hall and for my signature. I am happy with the resulted pallet, looks soft and very much like the watercolour.

This painting is my archetectural re-design/metaphore of the Toronto City Hall on the Nathan Philips Square. The five human figures give a sense of scale.

Artist Statement.


Being artist is a toxic endeavour. One time I was painting portrait of Dalai Lama using oil paints when my studio manager offered to me some olives, which I ate fast while looking at the painting. Soon however I realized that my hands were covered in the toxic oil paint... 8| so I had to clear my stomach to get rid of it...

It is also toxic on the environment to produce all the art supplies, plus if your pallet is frown out, or, for that matter, your painting if it sucks, this is also hazardous to the environment. not to mention that oil paints are very expensive and require well ventilated studio since it takes weeks for it to dry.

Well, right now I have neither oil paints nor studio, and being inspired to help the environment a bit - being an artist is, arguably, least environmentally friendly proffession but essential for the fuman wellbeing and the advancement of civilization - I`ve decided to experiment with what I could find in my fridge.

I have chopped some beets, carrots, purple cabbage, and boiled some soffron to get the colours: red, orange, purple/blue, and yellow respectivelly. I made two paintings using my new pallet and they turned out looking great! Here is a hint, to get the brightest pigment I would make a drop of colour on a watercolour paper and than dry it under my table light.

People who have seen it love my paintings and the idea, which is btw as old as hell. thanks. Happy trails.


Alexander Braun

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