Saturday, March 22, 2008

Web Design by Alexander Braun (1994-2001)

Corporate Experience:

Virtually Canadian/ Iceberg Media Inc.

Founding webmaster for:,,,,

Initial start-up building contract 1999/2001

I was the webmaster for this TSX company, Icebergmedia Inc., and a core member of the initial team that took Canada's first and largest major Internet radio broadcasting company from start-up to launch. I was in charge of building three 24/7 broadcast websites, and responsible for the $4 million a year operations of the web department with a dozen staff following my lead. Some of my duties included production of the templates, user interface design, server side architecture and data flow, presentation to the investors, live shows broadcast, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Younge St. etc., backup of all servers/work stations and coordination of the uploads from development to live servers, closly working with other departments, such as systems administrators, network engineers, show hosts/talent, finance, and company executives.

Examples Of Commercial & Community Projects:

Progress Icon Design For The Trick Media Software (2001)

Michael Norcia - NY Post, The AP Photographer Of The Year (1999)

ONet Networking Year 2000 Compliance Techincal Report (1999)

Punktown (1999)

Brian Stemmle's - Nagano Olympic Games - Men's Downhill (

ATIVA - High Fiber Products, Curitiba, State of ParanĂ¡, Brazil (1998)

Elo Quest Translations (1998)

Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts & Sciences Alliance (1998) (1998)

The Death Of Media Collective (1998)

Security Library (1998)

Revina Entertainment (1998)

Luna 18 (1997)

Road (1997)

Operation Sackbutt (1997)

ISOLDA - A controversial essay on censorship by Dmytri Kleiner (1997)

Nummmb - Toronto rock band (1997)

Jet Radio-Video (1997)

Local Knowledge - Global Wisdom Festival (1997)

Plunderpalooza Festival (1997)

Toronto Free Community Network (1997)

Comfort Zone Night Club, Toronto (1997)

Earthroots Temagami Is Out Of Time Action (1996)
(To build this website I actually went to Temagami with the Earthroots crew and spent there one week participating in erecting a tripod and setting up a concrete blockade to stop the logging of the old oak growth.)

Parypix by Billy Warhol (1996)

Diana McIntosh - Winnipeg (1996)

M. Pyshnov - A Call For Expert Opinions (1996)

TransForum Media Gallery

IDIO-AUDIO Pirate Radio (1996)

Happyclown Inc. (1996)

Congo (1994)

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